You can create works
like this soon !


You can create

Best choice
to learn CG for the first time.

You don't have to read thick manuals and train hard, like other CG software.
Even beginners or kids can learn this software easily and quickly. As long as you can do basic Windows operations, that's enough.

This software was developed under the project of the Ministry of Education of Japan. At least 1,400 schools (from elementary schools to universities) have introduced it so far.

How make objects?   
Like this!

Let's click

  • 1) “Add a part” button
  • 2) Select a part
  • 3) Reposition
  • 4) Change Size
  • 5) Rotation
  • 6) Flip Horizontal
  • 7) Color the parts
  • 8) repeating
  • 9) Add Background & Draw

This is the concrete

You can learn it step by step from the easy functions.
By repeating simple operations, you create complex works.

Try it for free!

Download it from the menu below. The trial is free.
If you buy a unlock password ($50), you'll have full functionality.

This software is for Windows PC only.
Please check here for detailed specifications.