What is PLAY Animation?

Photograph of children using PLAY Animation

– PLAY Animation series are 3D and CGI educational software developed by DoGA in the project of the Japanese Ministry of Education.

– It enables children to learn basic CGI step by step.

– More than 1,000 Japanese schools, from elementary schools to universities, have adopted this software as teaching material.

An example of works

– Although this software cannot lead you to make professional CGI like movies on the screen, it is sufficient for children to learn fundamental knowledge of CGI and animation.

– It is important for children to find CGI and animation is not difficult but enjoyable.

Child's PLAY Animation
Form objects by combining several parts together.
Teen's PLAY Animation
Make animations by selecting movements object and camera.
Let's PLAY Animation
Learn higher expression of CGI like animated robot with joints.

System Requirements

– For Windows
– OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, vista, XP(SP3) and so on
– CPU: 1 GHz processor or better
– Memory: 512 MB or more
– HD Space: 340 MB or more

Why is it possible for even children?

Step by Step

Image of tool buttons

– There are three types of software. It enables you to start from the easiest and learn in stages.

– You can use few functions right after installing. The more you play with it, the more functions will be opened.

Combining Parts

An example of combining Parts

– Objects are made by combining registered parts together, so you do not have to build it from nothing.

– There is no complicated function. You can build a complex object easily by repeating simple procedures.

And More

A photograph of children using PLAY Animation

– There is no manual prepared for this software. You will know what to do through playing.
(Children won’t read the manual anyway.)

– We have been investigating for many years to improve our software by researching on children to play with it.