Introduction of “Child’s PLAY Animation”

Combining several parts together

Screen shot of selecting parts

– It is difficult to create complex forms in CGI.

This software can make CGI by combining several parts together like a plastic model.

– There are more than 500 parts prepared.

Operations of the Parts

Example of operation of the parts

– Each part can be rotated and changed its size.

Drag __ and you can move the selected part.
__ can change its size.
__ can rotate it.

Color and Texture

Screen shot of color selection

– You can select different color and texture a part.

– There are various patterns and textures.

Examples of textures


Screen shot of background selection

– There are also a lot of backgrounds.

Examples of backgrounds

Simple Animation

Screen shot of simple animation

– Several motions are registered. By selecting each motion, you can see the object moves.

– If you want to learn furthermore, let’s go on to “Teen’s PLAY Animation.