Q & A


Displayed buttons and features are too few, so I cannot do anything as described at this site!

This software has the “automatic step by step function” that unlocks new features as many as the usage. So, available features are limited right after installed.

Therefore, new users can learn the basic features easily, and hidden features will be unlocked while using.

Those who have used this before and want to unlock all features immediately, see below.

I’m sure I have purchased the bundle pack of Child’s PLAY and Teen’s PLAY. But I cannot use the function such as motion design of Teen’s PLAY.

See the previous section.

I am understanding the “automatic step by step function”, but I enable all features now.

Do the followings steps:

  • – Press “Option” at the first panel.
  • – In Option dialog, press “EXP=maximum” at “Experience value of improvement”.


I want to create my original parts from scratch.

We are planning to provide the creating parts from scratch in future. But now, please use existing parts.

You can create various object by transforming, intersecting each other, or devise them.

For example, this robot was built with only 1 part!

A robot with only 1 part

Trouble shooting

I’m sure I have already unlocked the restriction. But it shows ‘Thank you for trying “PLAY Animation”‘ and goes back to trial version.

In order to monitor the distribution of pirated serial keys, this software connects to internet periodically.

If your PC could not connect to internet for a long time, this software goes back to trial version.

In that case, please connect your PC to internet, and input your serial keys to unlock full features again.

Though I have already purchased a serial key, I want to return it and request for refund.

Once a serial key is issued, returning it is meaningless. So refund cannot be accepted for any reason.

I have sent a inquiry mail to DoGA, but got no response.

It is recommended to inquire in Japanese.

If you have no choice but to inquire in English, please write it in simple text. DoGA staff cannot understand languages except Japanese and simple English.

Usage of created works

Can I use the created images and movies at other software?

Since images are saved in BMP, JPEG or PNG, and movies are saved in AVI or GIF, you can use them at other software without any problems.

Can I publish the created images or movies at my Web page or sharing sites like YouTube?

Basically all works created with this software become the joint works with you and DoGA.

As long as personal or non-profit usage, you can use them for any purpose.

Acquisition of operations

Can children learn by themselves without any instruction of adults?

All operation are designed to be understood easily by just trying. As long as the children know the basic PC operation like mouse click, that’s fine.

Also, it might be useful to watch “PLAY Animation” Introduction Movie: https://youtu.be/I_E9EMpiYuc