Manual of PLAY Animation Importer for Unity


How to use

04Menu-cropped Select “Window” menu, and then “PLAY Animation (TotekanCG) Importer”.
05ImportWindow-cropped Import window will be displayed.
“Installed DoGA Products” shows the installed and registered DoGA softwares. (If your DoGA products are installed but not registered, they will not be shown there. Only L1 will be displayed without registration because it is not required.)
You can set scale parameter of objects to import. Default value is (0.005, 0.005, 0.005). Modified value will be saved after you close the window. Press “Reset” to set default one.
06AddedTask-cropped Drag & drop Parts assembler files (*.e1p, *.l3p, *.l2p, and *.fsc) into the bottom area of the importer dialog, and a new import task will be added. Or drag & drop them into Assets directory in Project browser will bring the same result.
07SelectProduct-cropped Since *.e1p files are used at 3 products (DOGA-E1, TotekanCG, and PLAY Animation),
which contains differrent sets of parts respectively, you need to select one of them to retrieve parts. For DOGA-L series, you don’t need to du anything because only 1 product can be selected.
08SelectL1Color-cropped For DOGA-L1 (*.fsc) files, select color before import.
09Importing-cropped Press “Import All” to start import. It might take a long time, because it searches and read all dependent parts (suf and atr files) from DoGA product directory.
10ImportFinished-cropped You cannot cancel import until it is completed.
11ImportedModel-hierarchy When import is finished, a new GameObject is created in the scene hierarchy, and the imported objects will be displayed at 3D view.
11ImportedModel-project And a folder that contains objects, material and textures and a prefab file will be created below “Assets” filder in the project browser.

Easter egg?

12YanagisawaPicLoader-cropped This plugin also supports importing Yanagisawa pic file format, which is widely used for the users X68000 personal workstation in 1990s. Just drag and drop pic files into “Assets” folder, they are imported as textures. Only 15bit(32768) colors and 16bit(65536) colors are supported.