PLAY Animation Importer for Unity



About PLAY Animation Importer for Unity

This is an import plugin to convert parts assembler files created by PLAY Animation, TotekanCG, DOGA-E1, DOGA-L3, DOGA-L2, DOGA-L1 into Unity, the world’s most widely used game engine.

You can bring your original objects into Unity and use it in your original games.

About DoGA products

DoGA products are the softwares developed for entirely novice users to enable to learn 3D CGI.
Theycan quickly create cool mechanical objects or building structures by repeating to attach prepared parts like plastic models.
If you want to show many 3d mechanical objects or buildings in your games on Unity, let’s create objects with these softwares and import them to Unity!

We will recommend “TotekanCG” for Japanese speakers, “PLAY Animation” for English speakers

Screen shot of selecting parts Screen shot of selecting parts Screen shot of selecting parts

Supprted file formats

Parts assembler files (*.e1p, *.l3p, *.l2p, and *.fsc).
Connection files (*.l3c, *.l2c) and motion files (*.e1m, *.l3m, *.l2m, *.frm) are not supported.


For Unity4: PlayAnimationImporter-Unity4-20161223.unitypackage (224kbytes) dlbtn

For Unity5: PlayAnimationImporter-Unity5-20161223.unitypackage (217kbytes) dlbtn

Release notes

Dec.23, 2016: Changed texture file format in asset directory from “*.asset” to “*.png”.
Aug.31, 2015: Supported Unity5 (32bit and 64bit). Also confirmed working on Unity4 (32bit).
Nov.02, 2014: Combined meshes with same materials to minimize draw call. Fixed failure of applying L2/Totekan/PLAY palette to some parts. (for example: tire parts)
Oct.23, 2014: Fixed dual color texture was not imported. Fixed detect failure of DOGA-L3 for Professional license. Fixed license relations. (L3/L3Pro should include L2)
Oct.20, 2014: Fixed error and corrupt import window when no registered DoGA products for dropped files was found. Fixed textures were not attached, and incorrect textures were attached. Fixed import failure for L3P files with original texture image.
Oct.15, 2014: First release.

How to install

01ImportCustomPackage-cropped Select “Assets” menu -> “Import packages” -> “Custom Packages”,
and then select downloaded “PlayAnimationImporter*.unitypackage” file.
Or you can drag and drop “PlayAnimationImporter*.unitypackage” file
into “Assets” directory in Project browser.
02ImportPackage-cropped In “Import package” dialog, be sure all files are checked, and then click “Import”.
04Menu-cropped If the installation succeeded, you should see “PLAY Animation (TotekanCG) Importer” in the “Window” menu.

How to use

See manual page.